Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wishlist #2 Topshop

1. Okay so this dress is on my birthday list, and my birthday is coming up way to quickly for my liking! But I love this dress, it is 'dressy' enough without being overly formal, so should be easy to dress up or to dress down.

2. It appears that the dip dye and pastel trend are continuing on into the A/W collections of most high street shops. I've seen this in the shop and boy oh boy it was love at first sight, I want this jumper so bad!!

3. Now I don't know if I would actually wear this that often, if I got it. But the colour is to die for. If I have a suitable occasion to wear this for I am going to run down to my local Topshop to snatch it up.

4. I love topshop jeans, mainly because they are not made of your typical denim material which makes them 100x more comfy than your average jeans. And I also love the colour.


  1. That jumper is gorgeous! Topshop have some lovely stuff in at the moment, just wish my purse strings would stretch that far :( xx

  2. I know right!! It's my birthday soon, and I just hope someone is generous enough to get it for me xx