Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Big, Burning Fireball in the Sky

So over the past week we have had another small taste of summer. Which I am so pleased about, I might even be slightly tanned eekkk!!
To make the most of the lush weather I have been doing what I think are summery things. One evening me and my mum headed down to the tennis courts at the park, to release are inner Andy Murray. Would you believe we had to pay about a fiver to play on the court, I swear that when I was younger it was a couple of quid, inflation honestly! We also headed down to the local pool to release our inner Michael Phelps - lets just say we're not quite there yet ;)
My highlight of the week was a little trip to Sheringham, a little town on the North Norfolk Coast. It is definitely my favourite place to head to when the sun is a shining. It has everything you could want lovely ice cream shops ( where I had lemon meringue flavoured ice cream), loads of adorable little shops, cafes and tearooms, most importantly the beach is stunning after you have made your way over the rocks and pebbles. I should have taken a few pictures so I could show you all, but trust me it's lovely.
To finish of the week my family had a barbeque which was delicious and I ate to much. Don't you always tho!!!


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