Friday, 26 September 2014

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I have been blogging on and off for nearly 3 years mainly off for the first year. I may not be the biggest blogger and that would've bothered me when I first started because I wanted the whole world to know about me. So much has changed since then, and I feel like a completely different person I was barely 17 when I started and now I am 20 which is entirely crazy in its self. When I first started out for me it was all about NOTD's (nail of the days) and Wishlists (which I still do monthly), but one thing I really have started to LOVE is writing and expressing myself. I sometimes feel that the type of posts I started to do were shallow and not interesting. Reading back on my blog, for me the posts which are most interesting are the more thought out longer posts, which give me a feeling of who was at the time. I guess what I am trying to say is that the posts I used to 'write' regularly were because I thought that was what people wanted to see, and they did not want to see them. Now I prefer to write and plan posts which are more effort, more creative and are harder... whether they're what people want to see or not, as I find it more fulfilling, and it makes me want to carry on, rather than give up. After all I want to look back and feel proud of what I have published on the internet, who ever you are who might be reading this post.

I must be getting old being all reflective like this.

Thanks for popping by!

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