Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Urban Decay Makeover

Hello! It was my Birthday on Sunday, one of my presents was a makeover/tutorial at the Urban Decay counter with their lovely MUA Heather. She talked me through each of the steps as she went through them, and I got to try loads of products I wouldn't have dreamt of being able to try otherwise (woo unemployment!) such as the Naked foundation which I had previously heard about on beauty blogs. I also picked up some tips especially for eyeliner, which I am a total noob at *please welcome Queen Eyeliner Noob*, if you apply eyeshadow before, follow the line of the which you have created, you have increased your chances of getting it right!

Heather's Kit, that got my pulse racing all of them beautiful products , oh gosh!
 Cue many interesting facial expressions of myself as I am beautified.

 The finished article, complete with strange facial expression hahaha!
ps my brows were equal, mine just likes to casually raise itself, but not when I want it to
This was such a luxurious experience, what's better than having your make up done for you?! 

I would have been so pleased with just the makeover, but I also got a voucher so I could also buy some of the make up! Literally so generous, you know who you are you little munchkin.
As you can see I got the Naked 3 palette, which is the naked palette with the more pinky tones, I chose this because the selection of colours is totally different than any I have in my collection already, plus they are all so darn pretty!! I think I am going to get the most use out of the shades Factory, Liar and Buzz, but who knows. And also the Naked  Flushed Palette in Streak, which contains a bronzer (the first one I have ever owned) which is totally matte and not too dark for my pale skin, a highlighter in a shimmery pink, then a gorgeous peachy pink blusher. I just know I am going to get tonnes of use out of these lovely products. 
If you're into make up, even a little bit go and pop to your local counter, so many goodies to feast your eyes on!

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