Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Clothing Haul | Ebay, Topshop...

Hello! With a change of seasons, there is need for some new clothing bits and bobs. Clothing wise I always find autumn/winter a more exciting time because layering and beeing snuggly is back in. I really like knitwear and you simply can't be wearing it in warmer months. I'll leave my favourite new thing for last.

This is a black skater skirt, as you can see. After sorting through my wardrobe, I found a lack of black skater in there. I think this is because after my GCSE's ended I said I didn't want to end up in too much black. A few years later, I think black is starting to creep back into my life. When I am stuck on what to wear at the moment this is what I chuck on, perfect for wondering around town, or for job interviews, balancing elegantly on the line between smart and casual.

I wasn't looking for a leather (look) skirt, I just saw it and well I had this. My main problem if there is a place for a crease this skirt will find one. I still love it though, being leather and the a-symmetrical cut make it that little bit different and more interesting to style.

My Mummy got me this little number, she'd known I had been admiring skorts for a long while, and with my Birthday approaching she bought me this. I never think to look in New Look, just because I find its hit and miss. Now I keep looking on the website they have lots of bits and pieces I have really liked, when I get some money I might just have to pay them a visit.

I had seen these jumpers in Topshop, I have a weakness for fluffy jumpers it was bound to happen, I wanted it. Thank god for Birthdays! This is a little different to the classic dark colours of A/W but with this season Blue is definitely kicking around and I really like this a lot.

One of the best places to get Shirts from I find is Jack Wills, however it is not the best place because they are so freaking pricey! You will find the best place is Ebay and searching 'Jack Wills Shirt', they usually go for between £10-£20 which is an extremely reasonable when you can buy a new shirt in Topshop for upwards of £30. This is a really nice thick cotton, which is going to be a welcome cosy layer for someone who feels the cold greatly.

I have previously mentioned I have a problem, I really freaking like white t-shirts. But this one is different, it is the whitest of my white t-shirts, there is no pattern or image. Oh and it has a V neck so is very different for me. Just need to get a bra to wear so that you can't see it underneath, then this will be worn alot, with any of the above items.

The Boots

I have been lusting after Docs for so, so long. They come with such heritage, like you are buying into a piece of history. The design and manufacturing processes haven't change in the 50 odd years the company have been about. Docs are a sturdy ol boot, these are just going to last me for years and years. I went for the 6 hole design because I feel they look less in your face, and a bit 'cuter' I suppose, I'm not really all that edgey!

I'm so excited to style these, expect some Outfit of the Day posts quite soon!

Thanks for popping by!

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  1. Great Post!

    I wish i was as good at finding bargains as you :)

    Fleur x