Wednesday, 30 August 2017

August Favourites

Hello, today I am re-introducing the monthly favourites to this corner of the internet. I feel like non of my favourites will quite compare to my Edinburgh trip, but I've already written 3 posts on that! So this post will be more "things" based.

In my current random favourites I wrote briefly about How to Get Away With Murder, I am now as up to date as I can be whilst be in the UK, and being all legit with my viewing. I binged the whole of series 2 early this month, and I think that was the most intense thing I've EVER watched, but it was so great. A brief summary, Annalise Keeting is a defence attorney/law professor who teaches the class 'how to get away with murder', she picks 5 students a year to work for her. She and her students become entwined in the cover up of Annalise's husband's murder. This is definitely the best thriller tv show I have ever watched. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix and season 3 is showing on Sky Living Thursday's at 9pm.

On a lighter note...

One of my fashion favourites this month has been this rather statement t-shirt from HM. When I saw this in the shop, it was a magpie moment. Except I'm not a magpie and there was no glittering jewellery being stolen. I just had to had this, I feel it has that gucci vibe and I'm quite frankly obsessed with this t-shirt.

I have been searching for a replacement denim skirt for the longest time, I didn't want one of those button up ones, because they simply do not suit my kim k bootay and the buttons pull no matter how much I over size. I actually saw this skirt on a Tanya Burr haul, this skirt has the same A-line shape and wraps over, making it super flattering. Yasss found a denim skirt I actually like and don't feel frumpy in.

And those are my brief favourites for this month!

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