Saturday, 19 August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe #2

Hello! Welcome to my second and last Edinburgh Fringe post. On my second day I got to see three different things.

Lucy Pearman: Maid of Cabbage
‘Traditionally unmarried maids were sent of to look for the perfect cabbage’
I booked to see this, as it was one of the actors from Prom Kween and i had a slot midday I wanted to fill with something. I really had no idea what to expect, as we followed the tale of the new maid - searching for a cabbage to avoid being fired. There was plenty of audience participation, I must say I am glad Wasn’t directly involved - but it was great seeing unsuspecting people being used, to read, as a horse and of course competing in a cabbage competition. It was totally bonkers and hilarious, its a free show but very popular so get tickets whilst you can. Go and see it if you want to see something completely different.

Quarter Life Crisis
This is another one person play. I was drawn in to watch this as the description might as well have been #millenialproblems. This isn’t a belly laugh type of production, however I did enjoy this relatable play. There was elements of audience participation, compared to Maid of Cabbage a lot less embarrassing in nature. Enjoyable but I’ not sure I’m in a hurry to go and see it again… Just left me a little underwhelmed - but art is subjective and that cannot be helped.

Is the story of Kit a transgender man, recounting the story of his transition and the wider theme of what it actually is to be a man. Whilst exploring an extremely important topic, the use of physical theatre, comedy and song - made what for some is a difficult subject or something that is an alien concept, accessible and understandable. Whether you are male, female and non-binary there is something for everyone to take away from this piece of theatre. The Rhum and Clay theatre company have hit the balance of playful and important perfectly. You have to see this, it is for everyone not just the LGBT+ community.

Thanks for popping by!

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