Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe #1

Hello, for the past week I have had a change of scenery, I have been up in Edinburgh visiting Grace who I've known pretty much for all of time. As you are probably aware it is currently fringe season , so there is lots going on and the city is heaving with people, the atmosphere has been amazing. I'm trying to see as much as possible, but simultaneously trying to be quite chill.

My first day was a day to explore as Monday is generally quieter on the fringe. We did see One free show, the Jolly Boats. Which was hilarious, starting with pirate karaoke - sounds awful but is great. If you are a fan of puns this show is for you. Later on we went to an industry talk at Fringe Central 'How to be an Industry Leader' there wasn't so much a literal how to guide in how to become a Leader, but anyone who puts in enough work can achieve that. The discussion however segued onto the issue of Diversity specifically in British Theatre industry, mainly around race, but also gender. It was interesting to see what these leaders had to say.

Tuesday was our first proper fringe day, we had 3 shows to see which were all a contrast to each other. 

Starting with How To Act, which is being performed throughout the fringe at Summerhall - a beautiful venue which I wish I took a picture of because it was such a nice chill venue especially the courtyard. Onto this great piece of theatre. In summary the premise of this play is set around an acting workshop with a renowned director, with a actor chosen to take part in the workshop. This play had two interesting themes and seemed to lead perfectly on from the debate of the previous evening. The first theme being the West's relationship with different cultures, thinking we have understanding but overall are completely oblivious to the effect we have had on countries such as Nigeria. The other being truth, the difference between your truth, someone else's and the actual truth being unclear. This was such a powerful thought-provoking piece of theatre.

Freshers was performed by Norwich group Six Toes, made up of Theatre Arts Course alumni. This was a new play written by Heather Kelly, who also performed in the play. Its about a group of students arriving at their halls at Birmingham University. This was a highly energetic and engaging piece. 

The final production of the day was Prom Kween, potentially my favourite production of the day - only by a smidgen. Prom Kween followed the story of Matthew, a non-binary kid in his last year at high school in America as he is nominated for Prom Queen against one of the most popular girls in school. This musical is filled with Ru Paul and current affairs references, yes there was a reference to running through wheat fields. This show was packed with laughs and sass - I would happily see this one again.

Thanks for popping by!

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