Saturday, 5 August 2017

Stagey Scrapbook Update

Hello, I have literally seen so many shows this year already, which for this stagey is DREAMY!! As I've gone along I've kept my tickets, kept show flyers and taken lots of photos with my scrapbook in mind.

The page from the right is from what I can only call Stagey tourism when me and Loren went to visit the Theatre Hamilton will be in and also chilled in the Theatre Cafe. In the corner we also have where I super randomly met Carrie Hope Fletcher in the street, where I stopped for a chat and a selfie. What an absolute babe.

 The caption above says it all really. Amanda is a bloody great actress, but when Abigail's Party came to Norwich Theatre Royal she was just the loveliest person making time for everyone and just being a babe. Also you should follow her on twitter @CHIMPSINSOCKS

I really do recommend making a scrapbook as well as keeping all your bits and bobs in one area, it is so relaxing to do and so nice not to be looking at a screen whether that is computer or a TV screen.

Thanks for popping by!

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