Monday, 27 April 2015

Marston Marshes

Hello! With the weather beginning to get nicer again, like every Brit I'm rediscovering a world outside my Four walls, in which I have been confined for the long winter months.

One day last week I took my camera on One of these adventures. This adventures was to Marston Marshes, which is always lovely, although I feel I was lacking in the dog department #catownerproblems

When you first enter you walk along the path adjacent the stream up towards the main river and wooded area.

 I can't wait until summer, when the trees are green and no longer bare.
 A perfect photo opportunity, who could disagree?
 One of the many little streams/ dykes.

The exit and entrance to the water for four legged beings and humans, but in the warmer months, unless they are cray to the cray.
 Beautiful blossom, a sigh that winter is moving behind us.

 Hardly a cloud in the sky.

I hope you enjoyed looking around a local, typically English beauty spot, hidden away, a stones throw away from the city.

Thanks for popping by!


  1. looks like a really loving place, so happy the warm weather is finally here!

    danielle | avec danielle