Thursday, 30 April 2015

Top 10 Lush Products

Hello! Lush has been my number One place to get bath things from, for quite the while. I feel I have been a fan for long enough to have tried a fairly large selection of things. I can't deny it, Lush is best at Christmas, so I shall begin by taunting you with my Christmas faves, then we shall segue nicely into year round products!

Christmas things
1.  Magic Wand bubble bar
 This has a lush typical sweet scent the same as Snow Fairy, and it fills my bath with lots of lovely bubbles, with a sprinkling of magic.

2. Cinders bath bomb
*fun fact alert* this was the first product someone ever got me from lush, so it has probably an unnecessary sentimental value. This has my favourite spicey scent, I'm sure there's a bit of cinnamon involved.

3. Golden Wonder bath bomb
This one is a little mischievous, it has a surprise on the inside, the water doesn't go the golden colour you might expect.. ooh, ooooh. Also if you give it a little shake, you will hear a little something shake inside.

4. Snow fairy shower gel
I got this in the Boxing Day sale, and I am using it sparingly mixing it in with other shower gels. I love the sweet smell, and it cleans the body. Well worth the hype this one gets.

5. Starlight, Starbright bath melt
If your new to lush a Bath Melt's purpose generally is to make your skin feel lovely and soft. And this one does that

6.Butter ball bath bomb
Butterball could be my ultimate Lush product, it looks unsuspecting of greatness. The cocoa butter is highly moisturising for dry skin. I must remember to get this next time I head in.

7. Bubblegum lip scrub

I know you can easily make your own sugar lip scrub... but this one smells so yummyy and does the job, often it is hard to avoid!! Also if you accidentally eat it, its very tasty and I'm pretty sure it won't do you any harm...
8. Comforter bubble bar
Its bright pink, it makes bubbles, what is there not to like people?!

9. The Godmother soap
This is my current soap which I am using. I always find Lush soaps last for so so long, I'm currently wondering whether I will ever run out it... I'm 99% positive it's scent is the same as Snow Fairy, so if you are needing your Snow Fairy fix, run and get it.
10. Honey I washed the kids soap
Like the previous soap it lasts for a good time. If you need moisturisation from your soap I find this leaves my hands nice and soft. It also has a more gentle scent than some Lush soaps.
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Finally a shout out to Lush Norwich who let me come into the store to take pictures and chatted to me! Here is their youtube channel CLICK THIS LINK .

What are your favourite products??

Thanks for popping by!


  1. Way to be an enabler ;) Now I want to go and buy more Lush products that I definitely don't need haha. Number 4, 5 and 6 are my favourite! xx

  2. Number 1 and 4 are amazing! gahh i need lush here x
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