Monday, 13 April 2015

Top 5 Showtunes

Hello! I saw on the Whats On Stage website this post, so I thought I would do it myself, lord knows how but here goes! In no particular order.

1. Defying Gravity from Wicked. I feel like this is a bit of a cop out, because Wicked is so immensely popular. But I will not forget seeing Defy Gravity live on stage, spine tingling, stunning.

2. America from West Side Story. Please note I prefer the film version of the song. I love the banter between the girls and guys throughout the song. This also contains my favourite dance from a musical its such an iconic dance

3. I'm Still Hurting from The Last Five Years. I'm not a massive Jason Robert Brown fan, but I really love this song. I like the build ups in this song and the instrumental sections. Also this is a song I love to sing, as it sits so comfortably in my vocal range.

4. Take Me or Leave Me from Rent. If I want to listen to one song from the Rent soundtrack, this song is so feisty (lol at the use of that word), but its two strong female women. Idina Menzel is involved.

5. The Big Doll House from Hairspray. I love Hairspray point 1. In the musical I feel this is an unexpected number I like the jazzy, almost sleezy feel of the introduction. Its funny. Its a good song. A mixture of Chicago and Whipped Into Shape as well.

There are just so many other songs I could've chosen, but right now at this instance these are my favourites.

Thanks for popping by!

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