Thursday, 16 April 2015

April Haul | Tiger, Ebay, Gym

Hello! I felt really rather spendy after payday and spendy I was, so now I'm on a spending ban, allowing myself only to pay to get to and from work, because you know what..?? A healthy bank account isn't a bad thing!

Enough about being sensible with money lets get into that haul.

The weather has been shockingly nice for the past few days in England, so it means my optimistically bought Sunglasses from Tiger, were well worth the purchase. They only cost £4, and come in a variety of styles, rayban esque, cat eye, aviators... lets be honest I want some more. I do love sunglasses. I went for some which are Rayban esque (dupe here ladies and gentlemen) and for these John Lennon ones.

 Hippie Trousers
These are going to be amazing to wear either on cooler summer days or in the evenings, they go with most of the items in my March Haul, the pattern is what some may call fun, but the best bit THE COMFORT is real.

Finally. . .

Fitness bits, I'm going to be brief as I will be writing a whole post about this. But I'm starting to seriously workout, and I needed a few bits... so I popped down to Sports Direct so I wouldn't be breaking the bank, this stuff ain't cheap.

Thanks for popping by!

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  1. love the trousers, definitely good for spring/summer!

    danielle | avec danielle