Thursday, 2 April 2015

Confidence to Perform | Thoughts

Hello! Todays post comes under the 'Thoughts' series/category, today is about performing. 

As you may know I played Cinderella in panto over Christmas. Comments I get about being a 'performer' include - 'How do you have the confidence to to do that', 'Oh I don't think I could do that'. 

It simply gets me thinking why not?

When you think of people who perform, you think of show offs and brash personalities. I have met those people yes, but there are also different types of people, there's a wide variety of people who perform. I asked three of my fellow performers, to write 3 sentences on what gives them confidence, and you can see 3 completely different viewpoints, because you know what, its all down to the person.

Other people's viewpoint
Grace - The English Undergrad
'It sounds cliché, but I get the confidence to perform from the freedom of being on stage. You can be anyone and can do anything and not have to worry about how you are supposed to act or feel as your 'normal' self. I like the fact that for me, it's unexpected - people don't think I would want to perform and stepping so far beyond the bounds of expectations gives me confidence because there are no rules to follow there.'

Rosie- The Drama Student
'1. Knowing that everyone in the audience is there for a purpose, whether that purpose is to see me perform or to see my character be performed or see the production be performed, whatever!
(Lol not a sentence ^)
Number 2. Knowing I'm actually pretty good at performing. Once you BELIEVE in yourself, you know you can do it ()
Number 3. It's a lot of fun performing. So knowing I'm gunna have fun doing it, gives me the confidence to get up and out on a good show!'

Amy- The Teacher

'1: When my family/friends come to watch.
2: Personally: knowing that this was something I was never supposed to do again because of my condition/illness.
3: Being on stage with friends/family.'

My view point
I am not really shy, but nor do I think I'm the most 'out there' person, I take a while to warm to new people and always try to avoid ordering first at a restaurant. So what makes me able to go up on stage and perform? One thing, I'm playing a character and almost hidden behind/within that character, and they are just living their life, there is no audience, if you are thinking 'OMG there are loads of people watching me' in my mind you are not in character. Furthermore performing is something I've just done, since my first panto aged 8 on the Norwich Theatre Royal Stage, for me there is an element of being used to it. Being confident, doesn't mean you don't suffer from nerves, running up to a performance I'm worried I will go flat, miss a line or a page of script, end up in the wrong position in the dance - its part and parcel of live performances, you can do nought about it.

What are your thoughts?
Thanks for popping by!

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