Wednesday, 27 February 2013

London Town

Hello, I really meant to take more pictures, but as you could see in my last post I was rather preoccupied shopping... opps. But here are some pictures that did get taken!

This was taken at Caffe Fratelli, which I highly recommend you go to, it's right next door to the theatre where Mamma Mia is on, they do lots of lovely hot drinks, and pasta which looked absolutely delicious ( I was sad I had already eaten!!)

As abit of a theatre lovey this was a very necessary picture. 

Onto the main attraction Top Hat!

As you can see this is such a lovely theatre, inside the lobby and the dress circle bar it is just so glamorous, I hope this last picture does it justice!! My opinion of the show will be in my final February is Theatre Month series you can see my other posts here and here

Hope you enjoyed looking through this post!


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