Monday, 11 February 2013

I made ... Bread Rolls


As you may have noticed by now I really enjoy a spot of baking (whether that's cakes or biscuits etc) but I have always had a hole in my repertoire  which is bread. On Saturday I decided enough was enough, I will become a bread maker, and I'll make it properly, armed with my now trusty Great British Bakeoff Showstoppers Recipe book, and anything I had picked up from the Bake Off itself, and Paul and Mary's Master-classes  I set to work.These rolls came out really well, and unlike previous attempts weren't chewy or unflavoursome. There were a few key things I did differently when I was warming the oven up I already had my baking tray in it, and also an empty roasting tin. So when I put the rolls in the oven they went straight onto the hot baking tray. I put cold water in the roasting tin to release steam, this enabled the outside of the bread to become nice and toast. The other important thing is knowing how to kneed the dough, or at least having a pretty good idea which I gained from watching the Great British Bake off. When I had previously made bread I was a total novice and it showed!!!

Sorry this is abit of a long one, comment down below if you would like me to post the recipe :D


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