Saturday, 9 February 2013

February is Theatre Month!!!! Part 1

*Disclaimer I am not bragging in this post I just wanted to share this with you guys!!!*

This month I am lucky enough to see 3 productions at the Theatre.

The first production I saw was Propellers version of The Taming of the Shrew, I wasn't desperately excited to be seeing this it's Shakespeare, and they're an all male cast which I was abit weary of.

This isn't exactly a moto, but the way they approach as Shakespeare play, 'Propeller is an all-male Shakespeare company which seeks to find a more engaging way of expressing Shakespeare and to more completely explore the relationship between text and performance. Mixing a rigorous approach to the text with a modern physical aesthetic, they have been influenced by mask work, animation and classic and modern film and music from all ages.' Propeller defiantly achieved this they kept my attention an interest (which is unusual, I'm normally a Shakespeare clock watcher!!), there were some amzing moments , when it was completely silent in the audience, as we were sucked in by the tension on stage. They really showed the genius that Shakespeare was, he was ahead of his time realising the way that Men treated Kate was totally wrong. Although this was a play within a play, I totally forgot and was sucked in to the horrible cruel story. I'd really recommend you go and watch Propeller, it will completely change the way view Shakespeare!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this, comment down below, Part 2 will come shortly :)


  1. Gosh definitely too many things to see this month!! <3
    Great post!! <3

  2. This is such a great idea, I really want to see more theatre this year :)


    1. ah thanks! you defiantly should do, if you can :)