Wednesday, 20 February 2013

is spring starting to spring??

Today you could really see that spring is just around the corner, with lots of sunshine, blue sky, the garden coming alive and my cats actually being outside!! Here's a couple of pictures I took!

Converse Office

My little corner of the garden, bathed in sunlight!
Finally my two lovely furry creatures enjoying the sun!
Hope you enjoyed looking at this post, even though I said I'd do an outfit post daily this week, um shh!!


  1. Hello, I was just having a little potter around on your blog and noticed how much effort must have been put into all of this. I dont want to waste your time but it would make me the happiest girl on earth if you could come a check out my blog, thanks ever so much! from zoe x

    1. it certainly wouldn't be a waste of my time lovely :) I'd love it you'd click the follow button if you haven't already!!


  2. I wish Spring would spring up here in canada! It's still pretty gloomy! Your kitties are very cute! I almost didn't see the black one! XD

    1. its already disappeared again in the UK :( it's hard to get a picture of him when his eyes shut!! thanks for taking a look at my blog :) xx