Monday, 13 October 2014

Youtuber Autumn Style

Hello! I was really umming and ahhring about what to post about today, then I had a vision as it were, recently I have been loving all the style videos on youtube so I thought I would show you three I am drawing inspiration from at the moment.

Lily Pebbles

For me Lily has what I would describe as a really London style, her outfits are casual, yet sleek and minimalist. My favourite piece has to be her gorgeous backpack from Urban Outfitters.
Autumn Lookbook // Lily Pebbles


If I could have any youtubers style it would be Jessie's, overall I'd say her style is edgey and experimentative, but when you see her you don't think wtf?! you think that really works I wouldn't have thought of doing that. Her most recent lookbook is in collaboration with Topshop, which is never a bad thing in my mind. My favourite piece from this lookbook is the long denim look duster coat, which is gorgeous. Topshop A/W Lookbook


I have always liked Ingrid, but since this gal moved to New York, I feel that she is really coming into her own person. It can just be seen in all her recent videos. I really love her 'Autumn In The City' video, her outfits are spot on. Especially the berry toned outfit with the gorgeous tartan skirt paired with a bomber jacket. The Outfits paired with the New York scenery make me want to hop on a plane to New York and live the New Yorker lifestyle right now.

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