Friday, 3 October 2014

September Favourites

Hello! How is it that I am typing up another favourites post... I don't know? Due to September being my Birthday month I have lots of new things, and many of them have quickly become favourites.

Leading on from last month, I have still been loving Meryl Streep and her films oops. Hanna gave me a biography on her and I've been reading it every night oops and loving it. I also got three new Meryl films this month, which naturally I have watched. I really want to watch Sophie's Choice again... Meryl's acting in this wow, I totally forgot I was watching her, so far removed from what she seems like in interviews. I really need to watch it again as it was a harder film to watch than something like Julie and Julia, just to make sure I catch everything that goes on. There were some really heart wrenching and heart breaking moments, such as 'the choice' and the end. Towards the end of this film I just cried so much. The French Lieutenants Woman, was another good film, not one of my faves but still good. Finally Music of the Heart was such an uplifting and inspirational films. It just made me smile. It wasn't all fun and games though. This film just had a big heart really and I loved it.

 I can't even mention September without talking about seeing West Side Story it jumped to being one of my top musicals with Les Miserables, Top Hat and Wicked. But enough about that, look at my post all about it here.

For my Birthday I got If/Then on CD so I can have it in my car, car journeys are now a joy, the music from that just ugh wonderful. The music has already featured on the blog do check out my rave here!

Oh the Naked 3 Palette *cue angels singing*. Now I knew I would like this, I just knew. When someone (Rosie) compliments your make up on snapchat when you're pulling faces, you know your make up is one point. I can only put it down to this. There are just so many looks you can pull together with this palette a really minimal look with just some colour the lid and some through the crease, or an intense smokey eye. I predict this will end up in my 2014 favourites because I like it that much!
Finally my Jack Wills leggings, I am going to make a big statement. I think Jack Wills Leggings are the best leggings. There I said it. I just think they're good quality and last much better than any of my other leggings. So when I was in desperate need of some new black leggings there was only one place to go. These have been just so useful, especially as I've been helping teach dance at my school, an absolute necessity at the moment! Oh yeah and they are super scrumpled because I have been wearing them ALOT.

Thanks for popping by!

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