Monday, 27 October 2014

October Favourites

Hello! Its that ole time again on the blog, where I tell you what my favourite bits and pieces have been through this month.

I feel this is quite a controversial little number. On the whole this is one complemented skort, and I wear it when ever I can it seems whether it was on that one occassion I went out on the town or to rehearsals. Its really nice to know if there is that gust of wind I am not going be saying 'Hello' to my 'Hohah'. However at rehearsals there was debate over what I was wearing, whether it was skirty another to be described as Skort. As Amy pointed out the skirt part was more or less just two flaps at the front. But whatever it is I love it.

Jack Wills Shirt
I had been lusting over one of these before I got one. A tartan shirt is very versatile, and I have to avoid wearing it all the time because that would be very easy to do so. This one is a thicker material, which for me is great as I feel the cold A LOT so all warm layers are very welcome.

Mono White Converse
Two weeks ago I had to retire my beloved lilac converse as they had massive holes in the heels, RIP. Despite this being a sad occassion, it was time to UPGRADE. I have looking to get these for so long, and I really wanted leather ones, as my canvas converse hadn't weathered so well in the rain, and I can wipe these clean which means they shall remain mono white. I can't stop wearig these I am getting obsessed, my fave thing of the moment, no doubt.

The Good, The Bad and The Furry by Tom Cox
This was a Birthday present and in all honesty I had no idea what to think. Essentially its about a man - Tom Cox the author after he has broken up with his last relationship, and has been left with 4 cats. It doesn't sound like much can really occur in the book at first glance, Tom begins as he means to go on to quote the opening lines 'My cat Janet has been sick outside my back door. Or, as it might have seemed to you....: a large tanker of vomit had swerved off the road and into my garden'. For me what makes this book are the descriptions of different things, an of examples this is describing how one of his friend's cat looks 'the nearest I'd seen to a genetic experiment with one of the bendy buses'.All his cats have clean personality traits, I am now about to sound like a crazy cat lady, which I totally can relate to with my little Diva of a cat Tibbles. I just like how Ralph enters the house and again to quote the book meows his own name RAAAALPH!'. Yeah I just really liked the book, and am eager to read more from the author.

Gingerbread Green Tea
I'm sure I have featured this before somewhere! But this is my tea of choice, I was previously into Green Tea which is great and what not. Oh Lordy, I love gingerbread and the subtle spicey flavours, its great in tea. Yeah I think you should try it.

London Town - My post all about this is linked - here.

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