Saturday, 6 February 2016

January Favourites

Hello! I'm posting this a little on the late side, I feel like I've done quite a few 'look back' posts in January. I've linked what I can if your like the look of anything ☺️

My beauty favourite for this month is the Sephora Matte lip cream in 01. When people like Amelia Liana started taking about it I was immediately sold, and had it on the mental beauty wish list in my head. Finally I got my hands on it when Grace returned from the motherland of Sephora (USA). I talked about this in my lipstick collection, here.

Fashion favourite of the month has to be my 'Queen of Naps' sweatshirt. It's perfect to wear when you want to be comfy, but still look relatively stylish.

Accessory wise its my pineapple Skinny Dip phone case, cliche as hell, but look how cute it is! I totally didn't get this pink iPhone because I knew it would look nice with this case...

My music favourite is the 'This Girl Can' playlist on Spotify, which was put together by Pippa Hamilton. Which I have been using whilst I'm at the gym it has a huge range of styles and is perfect to keep me going.

DVD favourite is Michael McIntyre's 'Happy and Glorious'. He has been my favourite comedian for years and never ceases to make me laugh.

The book I'd been reading in January was 'The Woman in the Picture' by Katherine McMahon. Its about Evelyn a lawyer in London during the 1920's. Its one of the best books I have rest in the past few months.

My final favourite was Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte. When I unwrapped this at Christmas I was so excited, I immediately put on the kettle. Its well known I'm a big fan of the PSL, for the time being I can have it all year round.

And that's it! Thanks for popping by!

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