Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nike Frees and Fitness Update

Hello! Yes you are correct this is one of those start of the year fitness posts! ...

...I haven't done a fitness post since MAY oops..

One of my recent incentives to work out are my new Nike Frees. They are super light weight and despite their look they are very supportive.

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are my gym days.  Back in October I met with a trainer to put together a programme focussing on my core. I literally have no core strength, its embarrassing. Long story short, I kinda didn't go to the gym. Oops.

A few months later, I'm back in the Fitness game. Now to talk you through me programme!

(My skin is so white haha)

I begin with squats, because everyone wants a Kardashian arse.

Following this I go into the 'Fly Plank'.

Then into press ups, the "girl" sort as my core is not ready to go full out! At the gym I do these with a 'workout dome'

Next I go into a straight up plank.

Then the hardest exercise, Plank Arms, where you go up and down on and off your forearms.

Then I finish it with Plank Legs, kinda basically mountain climbers.

I repeat all the exercises for 30 seconds and do 3 circuits. I know its not impressive, but its a start.

Thanks for popping by!

ps Brownie points if you noticed my Singing' in the Rain t-shirt #stagey

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