Monday, 29 December 2014

Lush Haul December 2014

Hello! Its time for my Lush Christmas Sale Haul (last year's here). This year I went to my local Lush store rather than ordering online. Arriving 10 minutes before the shop opened there was an unexpectedly long queue which I couldn't entirely believe I was waiting in. Despite being rather cramped when they opened the door, there was a good atmosphere people passing each other products which they couldn't get to and complete strangers talking to each other. Next year I will go again. Onto my haul...

 Snow Fairy - Last year I missed this in the sale, so this year I was determined to get it. If you don't like super sweet scents this bubble gum scented product is not for you.
 Luxury Lush Pud - This beast has always been tempting to me. It has a sweet but slightly citrus scent, but is definitely one of the most fun products that lush has to offer over the Christmas period.
 The Melting Snowman - This a bath melt, and has a more almondy and less sweet scent which I am very excited to use.
 Cinders - This bath bomb seems very appropriate for this year as I am playing Cinders and panto. This has a more spicy Christmas scent reminding me of cinnamon and that kinda thing.
 Butterbear - This is the Christmas version of Butterball, one of my all time faves, this has a more subtle scent, and will leave your skin feeling amazing.
 This is the Christmas Hedgehog mine seems rather beaten up, so I had to get him. I'm not entirely sure of the scent, but its another fairly sweet one.
 Magic Wand Bubble Bar - This has the same sweet scent as Snow Fairy and they're so good I bought two. OOPS.
Candy Mountain - Smells how you would expect something with the name Candy Mountain.

I have bought mainly Bubble Bars as I feel they have the best value and they last a long time.

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