Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Topshop and Forever 21 Haul

Hello, A couple of weeks ago now I went to London, and you know what its pretty hard not to come back with a few additions for your wardrobe. Naturally I did most of my damage in Topshop, I swear I am one of the main people who purchase there, the addiction is real people.

The Jumpsuit I would like to say is a necessity for my wardrobe, indeed it is. This Friday I am attending the Dereham Theatre Company's Christmas Ball, and for the whole evening I don't want to be dealing with a long fancy dress which I will probably never wear again. I think this jumpsuit is still very pretty and it was in the Black Friday sale, naturally I had to have it.
After 'umming' and 'ahhing' about an item sometimes you just have to get things. Leather/leather look trousers can give a fairly dull look more texture and added edge, something very useful to have in the wardrobe I think.
I wasn't intending to pick up a turtle neck, but I fell in love with the khaki colour against my blonde hair. I could also just imagine how great it would be for layering with a jumper or a checked shirt chucked over the top. Then it was mine.
My Forever 21 purchase, I thought I would get more in here but I felt let down by the selection and was completely uninspired which is unusual as I can always find something I love. Onto my purchase... I love my Strawberry Hat, but one is not always in the mood to wear a Strawberry Hat. This is in my favourite colour for Autumn/Winter, at £3 I couldn't resist it.

Friday's post is going to feature all the lovely Christmas things I saw on my wonders throughout London Town.

Thanks for popping by!

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