Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sex Bomb!

Hello, today I'm sharing my thoughts on the Sex Bomb bath bomb from Lush, which I can't believe I haven't had before as it's such a classic!

This isn't a hugely strong and over powering scent, saying that it lingers on the skin long after you get out of the bath and in bathroom, which is always a bonus because at £3.25 you are paying a lot for what you get, but this is well worth it! It is packed full of essential oils, it has quite a gentle musky scent with a definite hint of jasmine I think. Lush says they have included soya milk, 'so you can step out of the bath feeling like Cleopatra', my skin did me soft afterwards, but my advise would be if you want to come out of the bath with your skin feeling soft I would definitely go for Butterball. I LOVED that it made my bath go a lovely pink colour, and the little rose petals spread around my bath. In the future I will definitely be repurchasing!!

in it goes!
fizz fizz fizz!
Thanks for popping by! Have you tried this bath bomb
or any others? Let me know below

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