Thursday, 29 August 2013

August Faves

Hello! What has happened here, how did we get to this point, soon it'll be goodbye to my pretty summer dresses and hello to my winter cardies and jumpers - not sure how I feel about this? Move me to LA or somewhere please!!

August marked the end of our first family holiday in years, which you may have seen pop up on the blog, so i'm not going to go into that too much!

Another highlight for me has to be seeing Wicked in London, for the 2nd time :D The music by Stephen Schwartz is just beautiful, the singing was outstanding especially that of Elphaba her voice was sick! Everything down to the costumes and make up is just amazing, I had goosepimples when Glinda came onto the stage for the first time in her 'Bubble'. Basically I can't explain my love for it, but I've given it a good stab!! YOUTUBE CLIP

As you may or may not know I am a big youtube fan so when Rosie and I were in superdrug I couldn't believe our luck. Standing in the queue was Jim Chapman from youtube!! Rosie told me to look behind me and I may have started casually hyper ventilating, then we were like what are we gonna do... so we plucked up the courage to talk to him and we got our pictures taken with him. I felt like a massive fan girl OMG

onto other things-

I mentioned these in my 'show and tell' post. Basically I've worn and worn and worn these shoes!
I think that's it for this month!

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