Thursday, 29 August 2013

September Wishlist

Hello! Well here we are September is tomorrow how crazy is that!?! School and Dancing are going start again - my last year in Education aah! And also its my birthday really soon, I can't believe it will also be my last year as a teenager which is insane.

So onto the wishlist :)

this was meant to be uploaded later but my friend was desperate to see it haha

1. Midi/Above Knuckle Rings Topshop/etsy
4. Lipsticks in Trigger and Crystal

1. Midi rings are definitely something which is inspired by sunbeamsjess and Thepersianbabe on youtube. I think they look really pretty and I'm pretty obsessed considering I don't own any...yet:)

2. I've even gone as far to try this dress on and I am literally begging my mum to buy it for my birthday hahaha!

3. Out of Harriet and I, i'm certainly not the usual suspect of buying things from Jack Wills but... I'm a sucker for leggings and they're not that much more expensive than somewhere like topshop!

4. When I wear a lipstick I want it to look like I'm wearing a lipstick if you get what I mean i'm just not a fan of 'your lips look better look'! I have swatched these more than necessary and simply just want them at this point!!

What have you got your eye on at the moment?
I hope you enjoyed this post :)


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