Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Exploring St Ives

Hello! This is my last holiday post I've decided. St Ives is bustling town on the Cornish coast with two golden beaches, a harbour, plenty of cobbles, adorable little shops, oh and a Cath Kidston that I couldn't help visiting.

I can't help but thinking it would so much better without the modern cars hanging about in the streets, I wish somehow we could've gone back in time but taken our modern camera's with us haha!

view of the harbour and town

Little street

Chocolate, Jelly bean and popping candy plus white 
chocolate brownie ice cream, so yummy!

Standing on the Island, which I'm pretty sure isn't actually an Island!

Thanks for popping by!
For those of you like me who have results day tomorrow, good luck :)



  1. Oh my, St. Ives is so beautiful! It's nothing like this here in Florida. Places like these have so much character! I'm so jealous aha great pictures(:

    I invite you to check out my new blog! More posts to come!


  2. I love St.Ives. could really do with some of that ice cream right now looks yummy!

    Holly xxx