Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Adrenaline Junkie

Hello! This post is about possibly my favourite day of the holiday!

We spent the first part of the afternoon at Adrenalin Quarry, to have a go on the Zip Wire, which goes over a massive flooded quarry the slogan is 'Jump off a 50m cliff...at 40 mph', I originally found out about this when it was featured on the Gadget Show way back in 2009, when Suzi and Jason had a race and since then I've always wanted to go on it, plus my minor obsession with Zip Wires :) I loved it, I have a minor fear of heights despite my love for zip wires which makes no sense I know, so I nearly wimped out at the last minute but I am so glad I didn't, and I'd do it again at a drop of a hat!! For the first jump it costs £12 and for your second £7, there are better rates for groups of 10+. I highly recommend this :D Here are some clips form youtube!

After pumping my adrenaline up, I didn't think part 2 of the afternoon would live up to it, my brother and I went go karting at Kart World - when can I go again!!! All dressed up in my highly sexual orange overall feeling like an inmate at an American prison

We went for two ten minute sessions, our lil karts could reach 40mph, which doesn't sound that fast, but when you're really close to the ground it feels really fast, and my average speed was only 29mph! My highlight had to be taking over my brother, who doesn't enjoy beating your sibling at something haha .

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