Monday, 1 June 2015

May Favourites

Hello. May has not served us well weather wise, in fact it really has not been great, it was like it went on a total rewind putting two middle fingers up at us Brits! Hence why my Favourites this month is very much indoors based!

Lily Pebbles
I am having a massive Lily Pebbles moment right now. First off every week day at 6.30 pm I have been waiting patiently for her Every Day May videos, there is something about her vlogs which make me feel so content and happy. I am also really into reading her blog at the moment which a couple of months back had a makeover, of recent times my favourite blogpost was her one on Epilators, I like posts on 'unspoken' beauty at the moment. Finally a shoutout to Lily's snapchat, I love seeing her daily activities in the short 10 second clips I really feel like I've gotten to know Lily this month. ANDDD rave over. But seriously, loving everything she is doing ATM.

Deliciously Ella
Being the pro internet surfer I am, if I got paid for the amount of time I spent on the internet not doing much I would be earning a hefty amount. I now follow Ella on Instagram, which makes me feel guilty for that cheeky slice of chocolate cake from Waitrose. I love to browse through her recipes on her website, last week I made the Mediterranean Vegetable Spaghetti for my mummy and I, I didn't tell my mum it was a vegan recipe and she loved it. Also on Thursday you will see my slightly edited version of Sweet Potato Brownies.

Read about my (lack of) history with reading - here.

How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern
My Dad rolled his eyes when I told him what I was going to read. This isn't a soppy tale though, no it is not, apart from the last two chapters. The bulk of this book is Christine trying to help Adam rediscover happiness in his life, after attempting to commit suicide. Christine is not a therapist, but runs a recruitment agency, she tries to follow advice from 'How to books'. They aim to try and get Maria back (Adam's gf who cheated on Adam with Adam's best friend). I think you can guess how the book ends. It is a bit fairy tale like I guess, but I feel that's how falling in love should be, something that happens naturally when you're not necessarily looking for it.

So I excelled myself this month and got onto book number 2 *applause*

The Racketeer by John Grisham
Good book, fast pace. I really enjoyed this book up until half way, when I began to really dislike Malcolm/Max the protagonist in this book. He was demeaning towards women, oh and the rest of society. He literally thinks he is so bloody smart. From page 200 I wanted whatever his plan was to fail. However it was good to read a different kind of book, broadening my horizons. UPDATE, I still dislike the character but towards the end of the book its more about the action, rather than what Malcolm/Max is thinking and scheming. However this not a book I would recommend.

To continue the reading theme, I find it easiest and most relaxing to read with some kind of background music. This month for my second book, I read with the Imitation Game soundtrack playing. Also Good Reads, if you haven't heard of it, its a social media sight for books. I've found it really helpful for picking books and avoiding books which are not that great.

Next month I am reading Paper Towns by John Green.

Radio 1 Big Weekend

I am pre writing this post the day directly after Big Weekend. I have never experienced anything like that. I will be honest I was there because Taylor Swift was coming to my home town (city). Wow she is a performer (I didn't watch the Foos), Taylor put every other performer on the day to shame. Literally I cannot explain how good she was, just wow. I died. RIP me. My Dad who was watching at home liked Shake It Off, he is a man of few words, it really says something, if he says something. Taylor was my highlight no doubt there at all. I also liked a lot James Bay, I now have his album on Spotify he was on the In New Music We Trust Stage.

I shall now go back to listening to 1989 on repeat, thank you.

Thanks for popping by!

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  1. Ella's recipies are really amazing :) And hopefully weather gets better in June (it is damn cold!)

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