Monday, 8 June 2015

June Wishlist | Parisian Inspiration

Hello! The last two month's wish lists have had themes and I have found them a lot more fun. In May I bought a new red lipstick, my brain was suddenly like I want to feel continental more specifically Parisian so this is what I've come up. Some of the items are PROPER PROPER wish list items, because they're a little bit pricey (a lottle bit).

I've never been to Paris, nor left the UK for that matter, so my idea of Parisian style definitely falls into a bit of cliche. Saying that a classic, sleek, chic outfit is never a bad idea. The key item in this outfit is the Striped dress and I wanted that to be vocal point, from there I built around it. I feel the coat is the perfect summer throw on coat as it looks super light weight. I went minimalist for the shoes with a simple black heeled sandal. Onto the pricey items, this bag by Karl Lagerfeld, incase you've been living under a rock he is the Head Designer and Creative Director of Chanel, his own line has similar items to Chanel at a minorly less expensive price, I could've easily have put the 2.55 quilted bag as part of this outfit, but you know. Finally in my opinion, a pair of sunglasses and I went for these from Chanel. All of this of course paired with my new red lipstick!

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