Thursday, 25 June 2015

Growing Up/ Friendships etc | My Thoughts

Hello! I've watched two videos recently that got me thinking about 'Growing Up' and linked on to that Friendships, here we have a 'My Thoughts' post.

Right now sitting here writing this, I just think I'm Me, just who I've always been. Where I see evidence of growing up is the TimeHop App. It instantly transports you to statuses etc you wrote years ago, putting you into that head space, it makes you remember things you wouldn't have otherwise have remembered years ago. These last few months have been exams season, the Five years prior to this have been revision/exam period for me. Not this year though. Past me, don't complain about exams and revision, they'll all be a distant memory soon enough. Future me at Uni, you'll get through this!

One thing that has changed the most whilst growing up are my friendship groups. I don't like to put a 'best friend' label on people, I don't like favouritism. But I do feel there are some categories which are worth mentioning.

The Ones You've Known Forever - TOYKF
(You both know who you are) It doesn't matter how long you haven't seen them for whether its 1 year or 1 week , it will always be the same. Even if you randomly see each other in a queue at the car park for a super speedy catch up then part your ways.

You also have people who you are really similar to at a certain point in your life, but then you both change and move forwards. Don't get me wrong it would be lovely to see them, there isn't a need to see them.

Sorry people for categorising you, I love you all.

Then you have people who you instantly click with and it feels like you have known them for the whole of your life and you know you will grow old together.

I feel these are the best 'categories' related to growing up.

Slightly sensitive topic alert. I have hit the age of 20, in fact I'm 21 in less than 3 months. Its getting to that stage where relationships become serious and long term. Where does your friendship stand within this. Will friendships be like they were when we were younger? Does the friendship dynamic change? These are a few of the questions bouncing around ATM.

Thanks for popping by!

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