Friday, 23 January 2015

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January Book: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green Page Number: 234

Hello, last week something amazing happened on youtube and it was just so perfect Estee made a video about, Tea, yes Tea. When lying in bed the other night I was thinking about Tea and how I am specific about what I drink and when, oh and where.

Location: At a friend's house

When I go round to see my friend's I will settle for quintessential, typically British tea. This is my safe bet, it's not my fave but I can deal with it.

When: Early morning

I am anything but a morning person, if i could I would wake up everyday at 11am, not an option. I need something that is going to refresh and revitalise me. I leave this to trusty Green Tea. My preferred option is the 'Pure Green Tea' from Twinings, I've tried a few but always resort back to this one.

When: Evening Netflix Binge

Hands down this has to be Chai Latte, I have found there to be some confusion whether this is a Coffee or a Tea, but it's basis is a black spiced tea. It has warm spicy flavours such as cinnamon, perfecto. I would say this is more of a winter cosy tea but I love it.

After watching Estee's Tea video I am really curious about the Tea Pigs Peppermint and Liquorice, but I'm not sure if I am daring enough to try it. I'm also intrigued by other teas.... Earl Grey, some people swear by this. Detox Tea from Twinings this about curiosity nothing else, who knows it might taste nice. Finally Caramelised Apple Green Tea, sounds like it could be tasty, might be taking away from the goodness in green tea tho.

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  1. Earl Grey tea is fantastic - it's well worth a dabble - but some of the cheaper / own-label brands are over-perfumed and can taste like a mouthful of potpourri!