Monday, 5 January 2015

January Wishlist

January Book: The Fault in Our Stars  Page Number:

Hello! Christmas and New Years are over now, which seems totally insane to me. But here's to 2015. I know Christmas had just been, but there are still things out there in the world which I would like to get my paws on.

1. I take many pictures on my phone which I would love to get printed out so easily and conveniently, and I think this would be a better investment for me than a Polaroid Camera. However I feel this might be on my wishlist for a little while. 
2. At the end of last year I found the delight of the polo neck, it is quite simply the best thing for one who feels the cold. To be honest I just need a few more.
3. I have wanted one of these since I fell in LOVE with one Sunbeamsjess had, unfortunately for me it was way way out of my budget, for me £43 is still pretty pricey this is the nicest lower priced necklace I have seen and my eyes are firmly on it.
4. My love of velvet will not subside with this year. Im sure I could easily find a use for this in my wardrobe, no doubt about it I loves it alot.

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