Friday, 30 January 2015

January Favourites

Hello, the first month of 2015 has just about been and gone. What a month it has been! Here are my favourites.

Cat Mug

This featured in my Tiger Haul, every evening it is my go to mug for Chai Latte, it fits so much in. Plus its darn cute, an awesome purchase for just £2. Im now waiting for the rest of the Cat line to come in, as I am One crazzzyyy cat lady.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I didn't know what to expect from this book, I knew it would be good as it's so popular. I didn't feel sorry for Hazel, she didn't want my sympathy, she is a girl just trying to live her life, despite cancer holding her back, yet she still pushes forward. A good read, with a sharp turn.

Macbook Pro

Firstly it is nice to have my own laptop again. I have been saving up for a Mac for a while now, I haven't unlocked its full potential yet. The Apple way is very different from the Windows what can I say. Not too much to say here.

Orange is the New Black

January was the month I got the Netflix free trial, what a dangerous thing that is. Hollie showed me the first episode go OITNB last summer, and i've been dying to watch another episode ever since. The show I find to be really interesting seeing how different people cope in an enclosed environment, their every move being watched. But it's also fast paced and highly addictive. I binged watched season 1 more quickly than I'd care to admit. Then I got through season 2 even quicker. I can't wait for season 3 to come out.


Another Netflix favourite, this is about a law firm  Pearson Hardman, Mike Ross gets hired to be Harvey Spector's (Senior Partner), slight hitch Mike has no qualification but due to his photographic memory, he knows the theory he would've learnt at Law School, but with no practical experience. Throughout he has to convince the law firm he has been to Harvard, with only limited people knowing. But how long can he keep it a secret? That's only part of it.

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