Thursday, 15 January 2015

New Years Catch Up

January Book: The Fault in Our Starts Page Number: 108

Hello, today I thought I would post a catch up post as I haven't posted for a little while and that just feels really odd to be honest, and I need to get on the right track. I've changed my blog layout to how it was a while back, but its something I want to improve on! I also need to have a rethink about content, but keep reading for that.

Firstly, my 12 books 12 months challenge I have set myself. Reading is something I've never really done, even from a young age. When I was aged 10 ish girls were encouraged to read books by Jacaline Wilson, the Sleepover Club that kind of thing and I thought this was all the reading there would be out there for me, because I was a girl. Quite frankly I was entirely uninterested by these thoughts, so I simply decided I did not like reading so I stopped. I only read when I was forced to at school this was mainly for GCSE's, and because you 'had' to read the book, I was still not into it. However one day I was chatting to my Dad about reading and being like 'reading is for boring people'. That was until he handed me a book by James Patterson, it was Private London about a detective agency, nothing 'girly' about it what so ever, it was fast paced and action packed, and I read it from cover to cover. Since then I have dabbled in reading, mainly sticking to the same book series. But for this year I wanted to widen my reading horizons, get of youtube and stuck into a book. Just one a month, I think thats manageable is it not? I don't know if its ironic of me after my long speech on girlie books to start with the Fault in Our Stars by John Green, its a book I have been curious about, and from what I've read so far its real and its not fluffy, so I should get on fine. I'll let you know my thoughts at the end of the month.

Secondly, I have a Macbook Pro at long last, the price I had to pay was high, but now I feel I can do more, I have the option to make youtube videos as it has iMovie, which obviously isn't the best. Also they are tailored towards creativity, unlike Windows which is aimed more towards business. Plus I like tech, and this is the best I could get for my purposes. Also it is beautiful. However I am sucking at using the beast, and any help would be appreciated a lot!

Finally, I want to change the feel of my blog, or at least find a feel, because I just post lots of stuff, but its not very many other blogs out there are fashion based OOTD type things and there are a billion more beauty blogs. I'm getting to the stage in my life where, I want things to mean more, be more in depth. I really don't know what I am trying to say here. But that is my general bloggy thought. Suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks for popping by this word vomit today!

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