Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Faves

Hello, April's faves is definitely a mixed bag a bit of beauty, jewellery, theatre, youtube and music... SO lets get crackalacking!

Cats the musical

If you're going to theatre for a story maybe this one isn't for you, just a heads up. For a quick over view the musical is based around the Jellicle cats, which are a Tribe of Cats. They have all come together for the Jellicle Ball, to see which Cat will go to the heavyside layer. Throughout the musical you are told different stories of the Cats to see how they got to where they are now, in that way it is full of little stories. It is held together as you see whether the tribe has decided to accept Grizabella the Glamour Cat back into the tribe. This show is definitely about Spectacle, with special effects, amazing costumes and the dancing was just on point. I decided that my cat Tibbles was the Rum Tum Tugger. A highlight has to be Mr Mistoffelees, first of all the dance just WOW, that dancer who was Joseph Poulton just needs a shout out he just stunned the audience. Oh and he had velvet sparkly leggings so, it was going to be good wasn't it?! Okay my rave is over!! Cats is currently touring around the UK and Europe so get to a performance if you can.

Blue Nail Polish
After rocking Barry m's black red for a while, I decided it was time to drag myself away and have a more springy hue on my nails. I mentioned this a lot of times last year, including my 2013 Favourites. Its just like a really vibrant pastel and I always get compliments when I wear it.

Paolo Nutini Caustic Love
Since Rosalind and I are going to see a certain Mr Nutini I thought it was time to stay away from the show tunes for a little while. Now this is gonna be a terrible description and make me sound like a loser so I'm just gonna say its just so cool and chill but not really but kinda chill. I just really like it. Now here is Rosie's opinion 'It's a soul album with hints of jazz funk that highlight Paolo Nutini's talents of voice variation and musicality; it generally shows his passion for music and the development of his maturity to. HELL YEAAA' You should have the more of an idea now. Here is a youtube video of 'Iron Sky' from the album recorded live at Abbey Road.

Dainty Necklace
I recently rediscovered this necklace from my Nan back when I was a solid 13 years old. It was a bit old for me then, but now I'm older and not so into cheap looking jewellery I love it, its so small and dainty, and just so classic, something I know I will always be able to wear.

Gold Chain
I have been lusting after a chain for ages, and now I've got this one I've pretty much been wearing it ever since I got it, its not too in your face but enough, guess what its in my faves and I REALLY like it!

So Totally Vlog
April contained the Easter holidays, so that meant alot of time to procrastinate whilst not doing revision for my A-Levels. This when I stumbled across Lexi's youtube channel and pretty much a marathon of a videos for a whole two weeks, because thats what you do when you first subscribe to a youtube channel isn't it? Her style is cooler and edgier than mine will ever be, this is deffo a new fave for me.

What has been your highlights from the last month?
Thanks for popping by!