Tuesday, 8 April 2014

April Wishlist

Hello! Shit happens and this is late, but this girl still wants some more things in her life so lets get crack-a-lacking!

1. The weather in England is starting to be 'springy' and i just want some 'converse-esque' shoes but with out paying converse price, you get me. These ones from new look are super cute, they would look nicely with pretty dress throughout spring and summer, and have a lil bit of bling that I am very game for, plus they would look nice with the socks I featured here.

2. In the last few days I have been wearing a really pretty dainty necklace my nan got me years ago now, i just love how simple and delicate it is, and I would really like some more.

3. I've been seeing ripped jeans do the rounds recently, these are definietly a sunbeamsjess inspired item, you may or may not know I love that gals youtube channel. I just like them nothing more, besides I don't have that many jeans hanging about in my wardrobe anyway.

4. When I first saw this up on the topshop website something just really grabbed me about it, it has the sport vibe which is still doing its rounds around the high street, which is contrasted by the water colour type imagery on the sleeves, something a bit different I thinks.

Thanks for popping by!


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