Saturday, 19 April 2014

Spring Hair Styles

Hello, today I have three easy hairstyles to share with you perfect for spring...

First up we have the High Pony Tail, which may seem boring but you can always put in an hair accessory to brighten the look up!

Today I went for a hair scrunchie, the 90's trend is still going strong so why not? The high pony is super easy but shouldn't be forgotten about!!
Next we have Two High Buns which I saw sported by Kylie Jenner before she got her hair did.

What you will need:
Two Hair Bands and some hair pins

Put your hair in two high pony tails.

Twist your hair

Put into a bun shape then pin into place! 

Do the same on the other side and voila, done!
Finally Zoella Braids, which look so cute, link to her video here.
 Additional tips to the video: You can hairspray the ends so you're not trying to conceal hair bands.
When you're crossing the plaits clip back the front section so it doesn't get in your way.
I hope you enjoyed my post, and gave you inspiration hehe! There will be more spring posts to follow this so look out for them.
Thanks for popping by

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