Monday, 6 January 2014

MAC Rebel


I finally bit the bullet and bought MAC Rebel wooo, I've wanted it for ages, it is described as 'a mid-tone cream plum', it marks my first step towards vampy lips, as previously I've only really worn colours that are 'your lips but better colours'. As a newbie to MAC can I just comment on how good this smells, I know its not that important it doesnt smelly granny like or like a synthetic sweetie smell which I don't like. In case you're wondering its a Sation finish, I like how you can build up the colour how I like to wear it or but a little bit on and smudge it in for a plummy tint. I think its lasting power is really good and doesnt seem to fade awkwardly, I am really darn pleased I've got this and now I want more, I have been seduced by a lipstick this tale will continue!

Look how blue it makes my eyes look!!

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