Thursday, 2 January 2014

January Wishlist

Hello! I know we've just had Christmas however I am ashamed to say there will always be something else on my wishlist, thinking about it I am really happy with my wardrobe and I don't feel at the moment there is anything I am pining for. But I am not happy with the state of my skin and feel I could do with some things to help it out a bit! So here is what i have my beady eyes on...

4.  MAC Rebel

1. This is meant to help clear out your pores and impurities and give your skin a bit of a detox really, and its designed for Oily skin aka ma face! I really want to give it a try because my skin has been through hell and back for panto slathering on grease paint make up everyday for a week, and even after a really thorough triple cleanse, yes not even double my face just don't feel totally clean you get me?

2. Despite the oil slick that my face is I sometimes feel it looks a little dull and doesn't lock in good moisture (is this even terminology!?!!) anyway if Caroline Hirrons says its good its damn well worth a try!

3. Yes we're still on skin... This is an exfoliating toner.. i.e a chemical toner so you don't have the little beads to remove dead skin cells etc it just does it! I think this is a lot better than moving any bacteria around the face... Now I just have to get hold of it, which will be tricky!

4. WHAT not skin stuff!? In the past few months I have really been loving darker lips, this lipstick in fact has been on both my 2012 and 2013 Christmas lists and my birthday list, its definitely time to get it myself I can simply wait and hope no longer!!!

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