Tuesday, 28 January 2014

way to wear: Sleek Vintage Romance Palette #1 Everyday


Is it just me or as the blogging/vlogging world gone mad for the neutral palette? Don't get me wrong, they're alright but they are much of a muchness, I want to change things up with this Palette from sleek, all the colours are really pigment so only just dip your brush lightly into the shadows. For me the star of this show is the second line you can get a killer red-toned smokey eye which looks gorgeous for a night out, it has three beautiful golden colours which were fabulous over the festive period (although three was a bit over kill), a matte brown, im sure one of the gold's could've been replaced with another matte brown (darker maybe) Sleek you paying attention? And a navy which im not quite sure what to do with!

I'm going to show you an everyday look which wore to school the other day. (I thought doing this in the morning I would have decent lighting, oh how wrong I was #lovewinter)

I used ? and ?. I put ? all over the lid, then I put ? to give me some definition. If you're not an eye shadow wearer normally this might be a bit heavy for an everyday but I think its perfectly fine and I wore it school that day!

Thanks for popping by!

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