Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Faves

Hello! Its an end of another month, despite it being January its been a pretty good month. I started of the month with panto (with the end resulting in post show blues), but I have had hairspray rehearsals to keep my show addiction ticking over, I went to the cinema for the first time in ages to see Anchorman 2, I've seen my friends who I missed over Christmas #lamealert, I got my ballet exam result back and it was A LOT better than I thought... I can't pin it down exactly its just been a good month I guess!

Onto my favourite products and ting.

Beauty Bits

Mac Rebel... I did a post about this here. I love this it is 100% my new fave lipstick, and it has made me want some more such as Russian Red and Candy yum yum.

Barry M Black Red
It would be typical for me not be wearing this when I want to feature wouldn't it! I've been lusting after this for ages but just hadn't bought it, so I was super happy when I got it for Christmas. I think it looks nice with any skin tone,looks quite sophisticated and sleek.

Lush Products
I did a post here where I showed you guys what I had picked up the sale. Obviously I can't show you some of the stuff but my favourite product so far has to be the Star Light Star Bright, which is a bath melt it felt super luxurious and left my skin feeling smooth, it did totally mess up the bath as it left silver all over the bath and I had to clean up boo! I would highly recommend it if Lush bring it out this year.

Clothing and Accessories

Tartan Leggings
Yes you've seen these 3 times so you get the idea!

My Onesie
This is the main reason for the lack of ootd's because I literally get home and put this on straight away, meaning I don't photograph what i'm wearing #badblogger. But its so comfy and warm, and its pretty cute as well haha!

Casio Watch
I knew this would be a favourite as soon as I got it why? It's gold I love me some gold jewellery I do, I think it has a kind of classic vibe as I'm pretty sure Casio have been making this style for many moons, finally I hate being late so I love the fact its digital so I can be precisely on time etc (ew such a virgo thing to say haha)


Mary Berry Autobiography
I found this super easy to read, it just felt like Mary was sitting there telling me all her stories, she has lived such an exciting and varied life, with many highs and lows, to make her the person we all know and love on the Great British Bake Off. I especially love the stories on her childhood because it really is from Yester-year or like out of the Famous Five or something. I was really sad when I had finished reading it, and I can imagine that I will read it again at some point!

Anything Goes Soundtrack
I put this Cole Porter classic in my Car because I'm watching the show at the theatre and I like to know the songs before I go to see a musical. I love the music from 1930's that of Porter, the Gershwin Brothers and Irving Berlin. The music will never get old, it just makes me feel so good. It made me super excited to see the production. I especially like the Song Blow Gabriel Blow it has been stuck I my head for days and days!!!

This girl is one of my favourite youtubers, so not really a 'January' fave, despite her not uploading that often at the moment I keep finding myself watching her old videos at the moment, I love her style not that I could get away with most of it, but I love getting inspiration from her, and I have got a few items because of her, and have definitely gotten into vampy colours because of her!

Tom Fletcher
You all know him as one of the members of McBusted, but do you know he's got his own youtube channel... maybe not? Recently he's started to vlog more, and for someone insanely nosey its interesting to see what a pop star gets upto when they're just being their normal selves... is that weird? But anyway pop on over there and look for yourself.

Ooh that was a long one but I hope you enjoyed it!

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