Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Fluffy Jumper

Hello! These two items have both been featured on my blog before, but I loves them and wanted show you another way I have worn them.

From the off I knew I would be wearing this fluffy jumper a lot, its so snuggly and warm, plus the blue is a bit of an unusual colours for this season, so it wasn't like anything alse autumny/wintery I owned. Did anyone else when they were younger have the Tammy skorts? Well that was my last foray into the land of skorts. But this year they are everywhere, so naturally I had to hop onto the band wagon. Enough chat onto the outfit...

I like how the two items go together, paired with my gorgeous white mono converse which I cannot get enough of, creates a really relaxed vibe. The straight line and angles of the skort and the cosyness of the jumper create an unexpected contrast in the outfit.

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