Friday, 21 November 2014

Neal's Yard Remedy Blogger Event

Hello! This is quite an exciting post today, last week I was invited to my local Neal's Yard Remedies to see the new Frankincense Intense Concentrate and to learn more about the company as a whole! Now when I say Neal's Yard you might think of the Blue Bottles or the Rose Balm, or perhaps no nothing at all.
Time for a quick education to get you all up to speed. Key fact number one, the company has been around for 33 years. All products are Natural and Organic, their Ethos is to have the Safest and Most Healthy Products on your skin, through the power of nature. Ingredients are either sourced and grown in their Devon factory, or from around the world. They are Ethically sourced, helping those who live their. Neal's Yard gets it Frankincense from Kenya, the women who collect get Frankincense from the Frankincense tree, aren't allowed to have their own money. The money they earned was put into a community pot and was used to pay for their children's high school education.
Linking nicely to the product, the Frankincense Intense Concentrate range is an Anti-Ageing range, something I am not really thinking about yet. This includes an Age Defying Intense Cream, Serums, Cleanser, Toner and a Facial Oil and much more. It is definitely worth looking into if Anti-Ageing is what you want, due to the ingredients there is no need to worry about what you are putting on your skin, after all you only get one skin for your life.
We were also shown other products, they have skin care for different types of skin, I was most interested products for Blemish Prone skin. Not only did they have skincare and make up, Neal's Yard embodies a Complete Hollistic Lifestyle, having a selection of Supplements, Teas and a Green Powder. It is about looking after yourself from the inside out, health and well being. Also offering Hollistic Treatments, such as reflexology which was amazing I have never been so zen, even if it was for a short 15 minutes and Massage.

Thanks for popping by!


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