Saturday, 16 November 2013

Velvet Leggings

Hello, nearly another week between posts oops... A few weeks ago I did a post called lusting after - velvet and I finally got me hands on a velvety item when my fabulous friend Hollie asked me if I wanted her velvet leggings I was not going to say no.

This hasn't come out in pictures as much as I like this outfit in real life which sucks a bit, but since my posts have been rather lacking, I thought I'd better put this post up anyway!! I like that the leggings are a slightly unusual colour compared to other velvet items out there at the moment, which makes them stand out! Surprisingly these are from Next, I say surprising because I generally associate Next with the working 30 something woman and I don't know if i'd expect her to wear velvet leggings, and cue end of ramble!
Thanks for popping by!

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