Friday, 29 November 2013

November Faves

Hello! I honestly can't believe I am writing this post write now, the end of November has well and truly crept up on me so much so that I took me a while to think of what my favourites were, even asking Rosie what i'd worn a lot this month, nevertheless I have battled through. Anyway enough chat now!

My go to outfit has to be...

The my favourite part of this outfit has to be my primark fluffy jumper, I'm starting to think I literally don't know where i'd be without this jumper, its so warm and I feel like a little polar bear in it. Then my most worn part has to be my Jack Wills leggings they are so warm and cosy, lovely I cannot rave about these enough. If you willing to spend £30 on leggings do it, if not put them on your Christmas list... you will not regret it. My shoe choice is my trusty tan boots from next like 5 million years ago.

Next is my ring I've been wearing pretty much everyday

You can't see it particularly well on this picture but I think you get the jest? Fun fact this was my mum's engagement ring, but then it got to small and now I feel shes with me all the freakin time, not just when I'm at home! I love how its small and dainty, its such an elegant little touch to an outfit :)

This month I have been enjoying some particularly stagey programmes the first was a one of special called Broadway: A Jewish Legacy (on iPlayer until 17.12.13). This followed the progression of the broadway musical throughout the 20th century, and looked at the success of Jews on Broadway and why they were so successful. One quote I remember is 'You won't succeed on Broadway if you don't have any Jews'. I found this hugely interesting and educational. I was really sad when I had finished watching it, the programme could've continued for another hour and I wouldn't have been bored at all.

Secondly is The Sound of the Musicals on Channel 4 which is a 4 part series with the final episode on Tuesday (3rd December). It  is 'an unprecedented look behind the scenes of the cut-throat world of West End Musicals' each episode focus on a different topic for instance the last episode focused on 'Stars' and looked at 'Happy Days' which is a new musical which was looking for a star name to give it a better chance of success. 'Top Hat' (possibly my fave musical) and how they coped when they lost Tom Chambers when they changed cast after a year of the original cast. Finally 'The Body Guard' where their star from Broadway became unable to sing.  It was super interesting and just made me want to get into the West End more than ever!

Moving away from TV but still keeping with musicals. Are a few songs from Hair ... the first song I am loving is 'Aquarius' is such a tunnnneeee, then the song 'Hair' and finally 'Black Boys' because when studying it a school we found this particularly hilarious... some people more than others!!

That's all for this month :)

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