Saturday, 9 November 2013

my tv picks november '13

Hello! I've been missing from the blogosphere for about a week and that is because after half term life exploded again, but I have found  a bit of time for some TV viewing and I thought I would share my two top contrasting programmes trust me they are pretty darn contrasting....

1. The Escape Artist
I started watching this because it was a new crime drama which wasn't so police focused and possibly because David Tennant is playing Will Burton the main character! It is very gristy and trust me it will leave you looking over your shoulder especially when its dark.

As whole its about morality, whether a Lawyer should represent someone who it's very likely is guilty of horrible crimes and how they can sleep at night knowing they could let a very dangerous person back out inot the world and the repercussions of their actions.  I'm going to leave you with some links to look  so you get a better idea! Firstly the show's little webpage here and an interview about it here.

2. Strictly Come Dancing
The run up to Christmas wouldn't be quite right with out our weekly dose of sequins and Bruce Forsyth (whether you love him or loathe him)! I don't think this year has an amazing selection of celebrities but as you get to 'know' them you begin to support them. And yes there's the awkwardness about the fact that Natalie's has trained in dance, but I guess they need to make sure by the end someone will actually be able to dance brilliantly!

I hope you enjoyed this post sorry it was delayed from my last one!
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