Monday, 1 July 2013

30 Day Snap #29 and 30 mission complete

Hello, this is a day later than planned opps!

Day 29
I went to the University of Surrey open day in Guildford, despite my 4.30am wake up I had a really nice day! I loved the Uni, the course I'd like to do at GSA and I really liked the surrounding area!
Day 30 Mission Complete!
Yesterday I had a quiet Lunch shift at work, then afterwards this is what met me and my brother met on our walk, then to finish of a lovely day I headed to the pub with my friend for a catch up!
I've enjoyed this challenge, but as you may have noticed I've struggled to keep up just abit, and to find something interesting from my mundane life!
Thanks for popping by, normal service will resume soon!

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